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Want to be a published writer? Then PM’s YUVA Scheme for Mentoring Young Authors is for you!

Participate now & you could get an international platform, mentorship & scholarship of ₹50,000/month!
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Indeed it’s good news for those whose aspire to be an Author. Grab the opportunity. Unlock your Skills. ✒️📖📚

True Information + Sharing Knowledge = Knowledge caring.

Have a good day. Thanking you all. 🙂



It’s reached 100 follows. Thank you each and every one for your support.

Let the good flows…

When your intentions are pure and believing that good may happen and make the best version of yourself.

Special Blog post,

I thank each and everyone once again from the bottom of my heart for your support that enlightened me to blogging as I could make only about 5 posts in one and half year and I will make sure that upcoming blog posts will be great in number.

As beautiful stories, poems, one liners, quotes, useful information, travel diaries and much more I came across those and I found it much interesting and intense reading about it. At one point I was improved my intellectual thinking and gained knowledge.

Some of the bloggers here, thanks for their support and sharing their views, information and a lot more and I made a list and I sorry for those all my co-bloggers who weren’t there here. 🙏 lebanagr.wordpress.com sarafowall.wordpress.com ainabalagtas.com quotes4keep.wordpress.com daneelyunus.com reblogcorner.wordpress.com sugarspiceandeverythinnice.wordpress.com monikaschott.com journeyofgreen1.wordpress.com makingcommunicationeasy.wordpress.com imanguilin.wordpress.com calurancati.com partsoflife.wordpress.com englishlove.art.blog myartenthusiastics.wordpress.com blogwithshreya.wordpress.com sonibindaas571181659.wordpress.com juliadeniro.wordpress.com booksndiariesbyvidhi.wordpress.com leenasind.wordpress.com crispyconfessions.wordpress.com thoughtswithink.com evelynkinya156.wordpress.com astijake.wordpress.com writeshefali.wordpress.com aarvii.wordpress.com

Yours co-blogger, pranpranonline.home.blog (Praneeth Kumar)

Chai Pe Challenge 2020 – Venues

Chai Pe Quiz

  1. Kochi

Date: 26 January 2020, Sunday

Venue: ChaiCofi Cafe, Kaloor

Time: 1 – 2 PM

Host club: Chai Pe Quiz – The Cochin Quiz Club

Proctor: Aravind Anil

Contact: cochinquizclub @gmail.com +91 70125 22296

Those Quiz Clubs (Corporate College or Informal) who wish to host this event can mail us your details in the given format. It will be updated in the spreadsheet file below.

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Be Updated

Hello everyone it’s time to post here,

First be happy everything will be alright. Create your ideas and make them into reality with self-confidence ,smart work and other the ways in which you could be do.

Thanking you all